Effective 1st May 2020, ParentingTT is temporarily ceasing all programmes and services for a period of 6 months

We hope you stay safe during this period

Parenting for Change in Trinidad and Tobago

Facilitating innovative parenting

Since 1995, ParentingTT (registered as Trinidad and Tobago Innovative Parenting Support) has been harnessing the power of innovative parenting practices, child development education, and social and emotional learning; channeling them where they are much needed.

  • "...really goes the extra mile"

    PTT really goes the extra mile to spark new ideas for parents and offer themselves up as a resource. They’re truly committed to families, to helping people, and sharing everything they know to help people and families grow together.

    Brendon O'Brien
    Facilitator & volunteer
  • "Helped get things done without financial strain"

    ParentingTT is a support organization that has impacted me and my family greatly. The parenting support group has provided coping skills for the days I’ve felt overwhelmed and felt like I was failing at parenthood; additionally, having my daughter professionally assessed has not only provided insight into her condition but has helped me get it done without financial strain.

    Natasha J
  • "Helps you deal with family issues"

    It’s an organization that can help you deal with family issues. Child rearing from infant to young adult. Marital issues, from coping to domestic abuse. So basically, I would say any family issues.

    Leslie-Ann Bisnath

Here's what's happening at ParentingTT

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