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ParentingTT is currently operating in a virtual/online capacity.

Please see our Support Directory, or contact us at or 662-8264 / 753 – 4PTT (4788) for any of our services.

Programmes & Services


Available for children and adults. We conduct in-person sessions, and to make our therapy services more accessible, cost-effective and streamlined, we are also giving our clients the option of connecting with our therapists online through encrypted, confidential video conferencing.

Psychoeducational Assessments

Sometimes a student appears to struggle with learning for an unknown reason. A psychoeducational assessment helps to identify those learning challenges and suggests courses of action to create the optimum learning environment for the student.


Our Parenting Support Newsletter, provided both in print and digitally, supplies information on current trends and research on child development and parenting. NGOs, schools, CBO groups and medical practitioners can have access to this tool to share in their communities.

Parenting Courses

These consist of four or more interactive training sessions on a variety of topics. We also collaborate with other organizations that deliver parent education programmes, for example, Love and Logic Parenting and Common Sense Parenting. We also run concurrent children’s workshops with these courses in Social and Emotional Learning. Childcare is provided at all workshops and courses as required.


ParentingTT has recruited a number of trained facilitators who conduct short training workshops on request (i.e. 1 – 3 hours). These workshops bring parents together to share experiences and information, and explore the development of new parenting skills.

Parent Empowerment Groups

Parent Empowerment Groups provide opportunities for parents to support and learn from each other as they explore issues related to their performance and effectiveness as parents. Their personal development as individuals is also a focus.

Facilitator Training for Parent Empowerment

Training is conducted annually to prepare trainers/ leaders to lead parent empowerment and parenting programmes nationwide. The training is participatory and is designed for participants to share experiences, and receive information on research and best practices in the field of parent education and support. While the focus is on parents, the skills taught are applicable to any group of individuals including teachers and students. To date more than 100 facilitators have been trained.


The primary methodologies used in ParentingTT projects centre on: strengths-based and positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, process facilitation, experiential learning activities, art, multi-media and drama.