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ParentingTT is currently operating in a virtual/online capacity.

If you require any of our services, please contact us at or 662-8264 / 753-4788 / 787-4788.

Educational Resources

ParentingTT’s Educational Videos

Check out our educational videos on various parenting issues, assisted by talented actors, graphic artists and animators! 

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Tantrums | ParentingTT

How do you handle your children’s outbursts? Let’s explore some ways that can help you manage!

Don't Touch Me | ParentingTT

Not every child likes to be hugged! How can parents help them to express this?

Burnt Hand | ParentingTT

Physical abuse of a child is not discipline. It can cause harm well into that child’s adulthood. How can parents identify and manage this?

Mindful Monday Series

Our Mindful Mondays series was a weekly installment of videos about parenting and mental health tips and reminders to be mindful of. See the playlist here!

Private Parts | ParentingTT

What can parents do if find out that their child has shared inappropriate photos of themselves?

Grief | ParentingTT

What can we do when we lose someone close to us? How can we support the children who are just learning to handle loss?

Bullying | ParentingTT

What should we do when our child is being bullied?

ParentingTT’s Livestream Archive

Livestream With Children's Authority

Children’s Authority invited ParentingTT to participate in an online webinar titled “Understanding and Working With Children’s Behaviour.” Click the image to watch the replay!

ParentingTT Webinar - Embracing Hybrid Learning

In September 2021, ParentingTT held its first live webinar to present parents guidance on coping with anxieties arising from the new schooling system. Click the image to watch the replay!

Articles, leaflets and other resources from our parenting library

Early Childhood and General Parenting

Baby development steps

A guide of the typical physical development stages for babies

Parenting Across Generations

ParentingTT co-founder Barbara King shares some of her experiences of the impact of parenting styles from 3 different generations! 

Choosing vacation activities

ParentingTT co-founder Barbara King shares some advice on how to select activities for your children over vacation periods that will keep them active and safe!

Should I become a parent?

Melody King explores some questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about becoming a parent

Understanding our Children

Autonomy and Adolescence

A study from the University of Nebraska Lincoln about how teenagers develop autonomy, i.e. the ability to think and make good decisions for themselves

The Role of Parents Teenagers' Lives

ParentingTT’s co-founder Marina Torres talks about how parents can be present and supportive for their teenagers as they trek through the difficult stage that is adolescence!

#Millennials Re-imagined

Psychologist Ciyah Fletcher explains what defines a “millennial” and why some of the stereotypes around them exist!

Let's Talk Tantrums

Psychologist Victoria Siewnarine-Geelalsingh explains what tantrums are and how to deal with them to the benefit of your child. 

On Bullying


Supporting Children

How is Art Therapy Beneficial to Children?

Art Therapist Kristy Anatol shares some of the benefits that Art Therapy has for children, including language development, social development, and self esteem boost!

Screen Time Guide for Parents

With the recent explosion of dependency on screens for schooling, entertainment, and socializing, it’s important to be aware of how our children’s increased screen time affects them, and how we can avoid any harmful effects.

7 Step Healthy and Positive Kids Plan

From The Positive Energy Program in the U.S, here’s some guidelines on creating a healthy food and lifestyle habits for children and the family!

Children's Authority Act 2000

The Act “to establish a Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago to act as the guardian of the children of Trinidad and Tobago”