About Us

Who we are

Our activities focus on Parent Education, Support and Family Empowerment.

ParentingTT (registered as Trinidad and Tobago Innovative Parenting Support) is a non-profit organization in El Dorado, serving Trinidad and Tobago for over 23 years. ParentingTT was conceived in 1995 by three mothers: Marina Torres, Barbara King and Marilyn Robb (formerly Atherley), who were working in the areas of education and early
childhood development. During the course of their work, they recognized that parents were unable to access information on helpful parenting strategies, and so, utilizing their expertise and early technology, they created the Parenting Support Newsletter.

Recognizing the value of the publication, The Canadian High Commission provided the funding to print 2000 copies per quarter. This created a demand for other parenting services, motivating Marina Torres and Barbara King to incorporate Trinidad and Tobago Innovative Parenting Support as a non-profit company in 2001. By this time, the
organization had established itself as a trusted provider of parent education and family support services. The organization continued its growth, and in 2010, it was re-branded as ParentingTT.

The mission and vision of the organization is achieved through workshops, PTA and community talks/presentations, counselling services, assessment services, outreach programmes, the Parenting Support newsletter, our parentingtt.org website and our Facebook page.

Our programmes and services have been made possible through the generous sponsorship of both foreign and local funders, particularly The Canadian High Commission, J. B. Fernandes Memorial Trust I, United Way TT, Shell TT and, since 2009, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services. ParentingTT is also a member of the Citizens Security Programme’s Civil Society Working Group, and has worked with that agency (The Ministry of National Security) to provide community
engagement projects across Trinidad and Tobago.

What we do

We have a commitment to improve the quality of parenting nationally by providing parent education and support for empowerment:

  • Helping parents to improve their parenting skills
  • Changing attitudes to children
  • Changing attitudes to parents
  • Assisting in healing parent-child relationships and parent-parent relationships
  • Being a voice for parents and children
  • Encouraging innovative practices as well as the use of the proven traditional methods
  • Experience over nearly 20 years has shown us that parents do their best given their history and circumstances and experience has shown us that when parent have information they can make good decisions
  • When parents are not at their best they need support
  • Behaviour changes with understanding and information/education.


To facilitate innovative parenting


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world:  indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead


Empowered parents creating a safe and peaceful nation for generations to come

Board members

Founded in 1995 by three parents (Marilyn Robb, Marina Torres and Barbara King) working in the areas of education and early childhood development. They sought to address the many cases of parents and caregivers who needed extra support in parenting.


Gervon Abraham, Communications Specialist


Nelini Mohammed, Analyst

Member: Barbara King (Founder), Parent Educator, Professional Facilitator

Barbara King (Founder), Parent Educator, Professional Facilitator Board Member

Chair: Marina Torres (Founder), Child Development and Education Specialist

Marina Torres (Founder), Child Development and Education Specialist Board Member

Executive Director: Sharla Dwarika, MSc. Counselling

Sharla Dwarika, MSc. Counselling PsychologyExecutive Director