Surpassed Targets for Social & Emotional Learning Skills Programme

By Dorian Porter, TTIPS Assistant Programme Coordinator and Counsellor

2011 has ended and we look forward to continuing to inform and educate our readers in 2012. As a young girl, one of the elder neighbours in my community once told me, “There’s no substitute for experience.” At the time I wasn’t sure what it meant but I can certainly attest to having lived this statement – more so in the last quarter of 2011 at TTIPS

Working with Programme Coordinator, Barbara King, on the Social and Emotional Learning programme for the various target groups was edifying and exhilarating. Observing the range of emotions of enthusiasm and excitement displayed by caregivers, parents, teachers and children as they discovered new insights about themselves was like an appetizer to the main course.

Each group presented different dynamics which continue to challenge us, at The Parent Support Centre, to move in the direction of clients’ specific needs. As a result our Saturdays from April to November were certainly filled. Then came the preparation of our Open House which was celebrated on December 16th 2011. Through video presentations of the workshops, Slide shows of the celebration of the family, strategic planning and conscious parenting activities, it was an enjoyable walk down memory lane. Those who attended were impressed as they viewed clips of TTIPS in action.
Jemmott Bain and Derrick George, Board members

Three days of Strategic Planning with participation by Board, Staff and clients facilitated by Cheryl McKenzie-Cook saw us develop a new Dream, Design strategies and create subgroups for the implementation of the Design.
Board and staff team building

2011 was a great year for the organization as we surpassed our target number of participants for the Social and Emotional Learning Skills programme funded by J.B. Fernandes Memorial Trust 1. Another high point has been the Ministry of the People and Social Development’s unwavering support through the punctual payment of the quarterly subvention.

The free distribution of some of the newsletters, continue to create opportunities for new networks and relationships. TTIPS was also the recipient of two refurbished computers from Blink/bmobile. We are continuing to move forward, along with allies in parent education, in the development of a television production for 2012 in keeping with our plans for reaching the nation and beyond.

Sincere appreciation and thanks to the Ministry of the People and Social Development, the committed staff and the Board members, our members, subscribers and allies for making the TTIPS mission achievable.

As the year begins we wish all our associates, members subscribers and partners in parenting and their families a Happy and Prosperous New Year.